Law Of Attraction Trainers Training [5 Days]

Become A "Law Of Attraction" Trainer
Do You Have Passion To Train?

Golden Inspirations is the oldest and most respected Law Of Attraction training company in India. We are so impressed with this law, that we want to spread this message to masses now. In order to do that, we need more passionate trainers to become a part of our trainer's team (To spread it across the globe)

Benefits of Trainer's Training:

We will provide you with in-depth knowledge of Law Of Attraction.
We will train you on "how to train law of attraction" in most effective way.
You will be able to start your full time /part time training career.
We will give you in-depth business training related to training industry.
You will be able to recover your entire investment in your first training.
You will become our lifetime exclusive business partner.
One year support for setting up your business.
1 free repetition of trainers training program within 1 year.
You can opt to become a Direct Trainer, or take up Franchise or become In-house Golden Inspirations Trainer.
You get 5 Copies of Life Transformation Course & 5 Copies of Mind Your Intellect course as a part of your package (Products worth Rs.15,000)

Trainer's Training is divided into 3 days:

Day 1 & 2: Advance Law Of Attraction Workshop
Experience our standard 2 days Advance Law Of Attraction Workshop from a trainers point of view.

Day 3 & 4: Trainers Training & Quantum Physics
You will dive deeper into the material yourself and learn about how to deliver it to others.
You'll learn, how to guide people through the step by step process.
Quantum Physics & Other Experiments to prove the Existence of LOA.
You will learn to connect to the higher intelligence to collect any information during the workshops.
You will give live guided presentation to Polish your Training Skills.

Day 5: Business Training
We will give you a ready business model and an opportunity to become our franchisee.
You will learn about the training industry and other similar trainings available in the market.
We will train you about different business models and how to choose the best one for you.
You will learn, how to deliver a profitable training & sustain long term profits.
and then ongoing follow-ups plus interaction with other Law of Attraction trainers.

After this workshop you will become a Certified LOA Trainer

What's Included in the training fees?
Here's what you'll receive:
1. 3 Days Live Trainer's Training
2. Trainers Kit (Including manual and related material)
3. Students Kit (Including manual and related material)
4. Pen Drive (Containing important trainings related digital data)
5. Monthly Calls for Certified Facilitators
6. Certification to Teach the Law of Attraction
7. Lunch, Coffee/Tea & snacks for all the 3 days

PLUS. . . We will host special calls for Certified Law of Attraction Facilitators, where you can ask questions, share your experiences and gain new knowledge for use in your workshops and consultations.
Note: Travel & stay is not included.

Trainer's Training fees will be your investment on yourself and your career for life
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How To Register?
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Price for 5 days training is: Rs 1,50,000/-

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Or call us at: 09871119075

Workshop Schedule India

Law Of Attraction [2 Days]
Bangalore: 10-11 April
Mumbai: 1-2 May
Delhi: 17-18 May

LOA Trainer's Training [5 Days]
Bangalore: 10-14 April
Mumbai: 1-5 May

Delhi: 17-21 May

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