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Golden Inspirations is the oldest and most respected Law Of Attraction training company in India. We are so impressed with this law, that we want to spread this message to masses now. In order to do that, we need more passionate trainers to become a part of our trainer's team (To spread it across the globe)

Benefits of Trainer's Training:

We will provide you with in-depth knowledge of Law Of Attraction.
We will train you on "how to train law of attraction" in most effective way.
You will be able to start your full time /part time training career.
We will give you in-depth business training related to training industry.
You will be able to recover your entire investment from your very first training.
You will become our lifetime exclusive business partner.
One year support for setting up your business.
You can opt to become a Direct Trainer, or take up Franchise or become In-house Golden Inspirations Trainer.

Trainer's Training is divided into 3 Parts:

Part 1 (Remote online training)

You can book your seat for the trainer's training by paying minimum Rs 30,000/-. As soon as the payment is made, you will get a membership of our LOA university. You would need to complete this course within 1 month. Our team of more than 100 world class trainers will be available for you to guide you at every step. Once you have mastered the techniques of Law Of Attraction as explained in Law of Attraction University Course, you will join us for classroom training of 3 days.

Part 2 (Live Advance Law of Attraction Workshop of 2 days)

You will experience our live “Advance Law of Attraction Workshop”. You will learn how to deliver the workshop and answer live queries.
Following topics/modules will be covered during Day 1 & Day 2.

Day 1:

Introduction to Law Of Attraction
How thoughts affects & triggers Law Of Attraction
68 Seconds Pure Thought concept
Emotional Guidance System - How to use your inner guidance system to guide you in every step of your life
Money Blueprint - How to attract money in life
Mind Levels - Deeper understanding of how our mind works and how can we control our thoughts
How to avoid being a victim and take charge of our life
How to develop an attitude of gratitude towards everything/everyone

Day 2:

Learn how to visualize
Ho'oponopono Method of Solving Problems & Self Healing
How to forgive everyone and how it can improve your life
The power of intention and how to use it for your good
How to create a vision board which attracts everything you want in your life
Understanding Quantum Physics and connection with Law of Attraction
Understanding Soul Blueprint Foundation & how to change it
Special Meditation Exercises to strengthen your Intuition, Visualization & Attraction
All the slides would be covered from 2 Day LOA Workshop from Trainer's perspective.

Part 3 (Classroom training of 3 days)

Day 3: How to train Law of Attraction

You will dive deeper into the material and learn about how to deliver it to others.
You'll learn, how to guide people through the step by step process as a trainer.
Each module will be discussed from trainer's point of view along with the experiments/activities to support them.
You will go through some videos to understand Law Of Attraction and Quantum Physics related topics more in detail.

Day 4: Quantum Physics & Other Experiments to prove the Existence of LOA

Topics related to Quantum Physics, Energy, Destiny, Dreams, Consciousness and other related spirituality topics will be discussed.
You will learn to connect to the higher intelligence to collect any information during live workshops.
You will give live guided presentation to Polish your Training Skills.
Detailed Feedback would be discussed to enhance your present skills.

Day 5: Business Training

You will learn about the training industry and other similar trainings available in the market.
We will train you about different business models and how to choose the best one for you.
You will learn, how to deliver a profitable training & sustain long term profits.
You may opt for a ready-made business model, start your own business or choose to become our franchisee.
Internet Marketing would be discussed in detail.
We will share and discuss learning from our 10+ years of experience of running training business.

After this workshop you will become a Certified LOA Trainer

What's Included in the training fees?
Here's what you'll receive:
1. Lifetime access to our Law Of Attraction University Online Platform
2. 3 Days Live Trainer's Training
2. Trainers Kit (Including manual and related material)
3. Students Kit (Including manual and related material)
4. Pen Drive (Containing important trainings related digital data)
5. Certification to Teach the Law of Attraction
6. Lunch, Coffee/Tea & snacks for all the 3 days

Note: Travel & stay is not included.

Trainer's Training fees will be your investment on yourself and your career for life!

How To Register?
Step 1:  Please fill up the form below
Step 2:  Our Representative will call you and explain you all the details

Price for 1 Month (Online) + 5 Days (Live Training) is: Rs 1,50,000/- 1,00,000/- + Taxes

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Workshop Schedule:
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