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Transformation means changing form, long term change can happen only when one fully understands that the root cause of all behaviour is conditioning, which has kept us all as prisoners. Until one learns how to transcend the limitations of one's conditioned belief system, life feels powerless and out of control. Conditioning is always changing and hence cannot be a benchmark for right behaviour, whereas aligning one's belief, behaviour and attitude to nature's ways of Functioning, which is always constant and consistent is the only solution to creating life altering and long lasting positive changes in one's life.

This course explains step by step how one can bring about long lasting and positive transformation in their life by aligning to natural laws that govern all of us.


  • "I had been working for 20 years in a company. I had the courage to come out of the security zone, resign my job and start a business. Today my finances are entirely different."
    ~ Namachivayam, Coimbatore
  • "It is not only true that I am experiencing transformation but the beauty is that others have started recognizing the change in me"
    ~ Ms.Prathibha, Frontier Holidays
  • "My project manager makes us listen to this audio "As You think, so you become" whenever we are confused, it's amazing, i get new answers to my problems each time i listen to this audio CD"
    ~ Adarsh, Software engineer
  • "I have been experiencing amazing transformation in my life after listening to the audio "the secret power of being you", i feel the message is working within at a very deep core level"
    ~ Murugesh, MD of Floret Consulting
  • "The contents of the audio "Secret power in being you" is powerful, it gives us a complete understanding and reference points to live life powerfully and purposefully, amazing"
    ~ Gopi mandev, technical director
  • "We feel this audio "the Secret power in being you" is like a lighthouse when we are lost in the sea of life, thank you very much"
    ~ Ganesh, business owner and entreprenuer

Sample 1 Being You
Sample 2 Being You
Sample 3 As You Think
Sample 4 As You Think

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Content of "The secret power in being you"
Chapter 1 : Are you your conditioned mind or the Real You Chapter 8 : Real you is "As you sow, so shall you become"
Chapter 2 : Self scoring Chapter 9 : Real you is self honesty
Chapter 3 : What is conditioned mind Chapter 10 : Real you is "you are Unique"
Chapter 4 : What is the real you Chapter 11 : Real you is " you are responsible"
Chapter 5 : Real you is love Chapter 12 : Real you is " you are responsible for your 3 houses"
Chapter 6 : Real you is cause and effect Chapter 13 : Real you is that you are energy / spirit with a body
Chapter 7 : Real you is "as you think so you become" Chapter 14 : Conclusion








Content of "As you think so you become"
Contents of CD1 Contents of CD2
Chapter 1 : Understanding the system helps you make use of the system Chapter 1 : Success in human relations
Chapter 2 : What is the mind Chapter 2 : As you sow, so shall you reap
Chapter 3 : How your mind works Chapter 3 : The law of attraction
Chapter 4 : Mind is a compulsive goal achiever Chapter 4 : Love is the most powerful practical tool
Chapter 5 : Mind as an internal reference mechanism Chapter 5 : Ego
Chapter 6 : Mind as a pattern builder Chapter 6 : You are your thinking self and not your mind
Chapter 7 : Mind as an automatic response system Chapter 7 : Thinking is choice making
Chapter 8 : Mind as an obedient servant Chapter 8 : Thought alignement
Chapter 9 : Tools needed to deal with your mind Chapter 9 : Learn to love yourself
Chapter 10 : Mental pictures Chapter 10 : Practice forgiving
Chapter 11 : Affirmations Chapter 11 : Have patience, understand graduality
Chapter 12 : How to quicken results  
Chapter 13 : 1 Major decision governs 1 million small decisions  
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