What is Life Counselling / Life Coaching?

You buy a small gadget and you get an instruction manual along with it to teach you how to operate with that. For everything we have an instruction manual but the biggest puzzle called life did not come with any manual. You came to this Earth and you did not get your instructions and thus you started experimenting and growing and failing and learning. Always asked why we don’t have any school which teaches us how to live a fulfilling life so that we can be happy. Everyone teaches us and says that we shall be happy, but no one tells us how to be happy.

To answer your various concerns we have life coaching which brings you the lessons from the School of Life.
Life coach holds your hand and walks with you, so that you can learn about life. Your coach will increase your self awareness to take you from where you are to where you want to be so that you can live a fulfilling life.

The coach will help you in connecting with your real self and your life purpose, so that you can live a happy and joyful life. It will help you in taking actions, overcoming any obstacles in your path and achieving your dreams which will lead you to a celebrated life. Your coach will equip you so that you will not depend on anyone else and would be able to live a meaningful life. The coach will also help you in releasing your past and the events which have been pulling you back.

Life coach will work with you on a holistic level taking care of your internal and external development which will help you in paving your path in the future. Life coaching helps you in breaking the inhibitions and the invisible barriers which you have created inside and blocked your own growth. Life coaching will help you in accepting yourself and this Universe unconditionally thus allowing the flow of love and abundance in your life.

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