Video 11: Robin Sharma, Being a Real Leader!

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Robin Sharma is a famous name in the industry. He has authored over 11 bestseller books world wide. Some of them include, "The monk who sold his ferrari", "the greatness guide" & "The saint, the surfer and the ceo". In this video, he is teaching us about how to become a self leader, a leader of our own life. Everyone loves and craves to lead other. However, most of us have forgotten to lead ourself first. Robin also teaches us about to be become a better human.

He teaches us the power of simplicity and how simple ideas, if implimented relentlessly, can take you to success. Robin teaches us, how you can become a real you and live life on your terms. He also teaches us how to create our own version of success and define ourself when we become successful and not depend on others to call us successful. He also said "If people are not laughing on your dreams, that means they are not big enough".

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